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  Fender 1965 Deluxe reverb Amp (Crazy Clean!!)
(Item#113)(consignment) 100% original 1965 Deluxe Reverb in as close to mint condition as possible! This is the cleanest Deluxe Reverb I've ever had. Not much to really say, the pictures say it all. RCA power tubes and Mullard rectifier tube, sounds like it should and everything is in good working order, original footswitch and nice padded cover also included. Shipping will be at actual cost plus $50.00 for packing material and time.
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  Friedman 2018 Smallbox 50 Head
(Item#495)(as new condition) 2018 Friedman Smallbox 50 head, new in the box, bought by a good customer and played a few times before deciding it was too loud for at home use. Ships in original box with footswitch and paperwork. The Friedman description: "The Smallbox is a 50 Watt Amp that features 2 channels with a separate Gain and Volume controls each. The amp has a shared EQ and FX loop. The 2 Channels are foot swichable. The First channel is voiced like the Classic Plexi amps of British fame. It cleans up very nicely with the guitar volume. With the guitar volume you can go from cleanish to crunch to that famous Plexi like growl. The second Channel has that famous Friedman higher gain distortion and crunch that we all love. This is a lot of amp in a 50 Watt package. The SmallBox takes pedals very well and loves boosts, OD’s, phasers, flangers, tremolos, wahs, etc. The Smallbox also has ultra transparent Series FX loop that takes time based FX pedals and rack units equally well."
$2,375.00 3% Cash Discount for Check or Wire
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  Marshall 1966 Plexi 100w JTM45 Super 100 Head
(Item#104) VERY rare JTM45/100, one of earliest plexi model 100 heads with a JTM45 front plexi panel and a white Super 100 back panel, early aluminum chassis with no end blocks, NOS quad of GEC KT66 power tubes and Mullard preamp tubes, correct flat lip head cab with early style Vox vents, reissue logo and a bias pot has been added, please take a look at the pictures and call for a detailed description. (head will be shipped in a road case and it's the customers responsibility to ship the empty case back to the store)
$8,500.00 Cashier's check or bank wire only
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  Marshall 1967 JTM50 "Black Flag" Head In Original White Tolex Cab
(Item#253)(consignment)(LAYAWAY) VERY rare 1967 JTM50 "Black Flag" head in original white tolex cab and non-original white logo, transition amp between the JTM45 and JMP plexi heads, the first amp to use EL34 power tubes but still has a tube rectifier. I owned this amp about 12 years ago and sold it. The customer later sent it back to me to buy back and the amp was poorly packed so the bottom left corner of the cab cracked and the tolex ripped. I had a local repair guy glue and clamp the crack in the plywood, and then glue the tolex back down(see pictures). The amp also had a solid state rectifier for a while but has been restored back to original with the tube rectifier. The circuit is mostly all original with a replaced filter cap on the board and a small bias pot added. Amp is in great working condition. Please call for more details. Amp will ship in a road case that will have to be returned to me.
$6,500.00 Cashier's Check or Wire ONLY
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  Marshall 1967 Plexi 100w Superlead (The Holy Grail EVH Head!!)
(Item#115) 1967 Plexi 100w Superlead head, the "Holy Grail" of 100w heads!! Probably most known for being the Eddie Van Halen amp. This head has been in my personal collection for the last 13 years. The amp was completely gone thru by Victor Mason at The Plexi Palace and then originally sold to Matt Bruck, Eddie Van Halen's tech. Matt decided that he needed to sell the amp and sent it back to Vic who then called me right away knowing that I had been looking for one. Vic shipped it to me on approval but said if I returned it, he would know I was crazy! As this was one of the best sounding 100w heads he had heard. Other than some normal maintenance, the only 2 things done were a bias trim pot added, and a central ground for low noise. You can see the central ground in the last picture where all of the ground wires from the amp come together in one place. It is set up like Eddie’s amp and has an NOS quad of American 6CA7 power tubes. Please call for more details. (head will ship in a road case that must be returned to the store)
$6,500.00 Cashier's check or Bank Wire ONLY
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  Marshall 1968 Basketweave 4-12" Slant Front Cab w/ Pre-Rola 25w Greenbacks
(Item#107) All original 1968 slant front 4-12" cab with pre-Rola 25w Celestion greenbacks, speakers are model T1511 with the heavy duty 102 0014 cones, originally this cab had either a "100" or "Bass" logo in the upper left corner as the holes are still there, metal handles, basketweave grill cloth is in outstanding condition and still has most of it's color, back of the cab has some rips that have been glued back down, overall looks very clean from the front, real punchy and powerful sounding cab, stays tight and focused with a 50w head and also handles a 100w head real well. ($60.00 wil be added to the actual shipping cost for packing material and time)
$3,000.00 Cashier's check or wire only
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  Marshall 1968 Custom Color 50w Plexi Head In Original Purple Tolex
(Item#105) 1968 50w Plexi head in original purple custom color tolex from my personal collection, I bought this head about 8-9 years ago from Victor at The Plexi Palace, he had disassembled the chassis, cleaned it up and reassembled it, some screws were in bad shape so he replaced them, new filter caps were installed and a bias control, amp currently has a matched pair of German Siemens EL34 power tubes and Chinese preamp tubes. This head is a monster tone wise and has a ton of gain!! Original European model with a Bulgin power cord. Head will ship in a road case that must be returned back to store.
$5,000.00 Cashier's check or wire only
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  Marshall 1970 Purple Custom Color Basketweave Straight Front Cab w/ Pre-Rola 25's
(Item#106) All original 1970 Purple custom color tolex straight front basketweave cab pre-Rola 25w Celestion greenback speakers with "102 003" cones, speakers date to Sept. of 1969, cab has metal handles and caster cups, 2-tone brown basketweave grill cloth that was only used with purple tolex, med. size logo, overall condition is very nice but the tolex on the bottom is missing, no tears in the grill cloth but there is some slight staining, GREAT sounding cab that's real woody and smooth! ($60.00 will be added to the actual shipping cost for packing material and time)
$4,000.00 Cashier's check or wire only
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  Marshall 1980 JMP 50w 2204 Master Volume Head
(Item#286) Very clean 1980 JMP 50w master volume 2204 head, amp is in good working condition, converted to EL34 power tubes. Huge sounding amp with lots of punch and plenty of gain, head box is in great condition. Amp will ship in a flight case that will have to be shipped back to me.
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  Marshall 20th Anniversary White JCM800 100w Full Stack
(Item#190)(consignment) All original 1982 20th Annv. white JCM800 100w full stack, I originally bought this from the original owner about 10 years ago. He ordered it all together along with a 2x12 combo also. Ended up playing the combo mostly and the stack sat in his house. I sold it to a friend a few years ago and I am now selling it for him. Super clean, no stories and sounds HUGE! The head came stock with EL34's and has a great tone, smooth and fat. Speaker cabs have Celestion 65w speakers. (there will be an added fee for packing material and time which I will discuss with the buyer)
$3,600.00 Add 3% for Credit Card or PayPal
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  Marshall Late 1966 - Very Early 1967 JTM50 Head w/ Aluminum Chassis
(Item#138) VERY early and rare JTM50 head from late '66 - early '67, first 50w head with EL34 power tubes but still has a tube rectifier, amp has a late JTM45 style aluminum chassis w/ end blocks, JTM45 white back panel with 4-digit serial number, 784-128 output transformer which gives it a little less output and closer to a JTM45 than the more typical 784-139 plexi transformer, amp is in great working condition and sounds glorious!!! I've had this tucked away for a number of years now. Will provide more pictures and details to serious inquirers ready to buy.
$9,000.00 Bank Wire or Cashier's Check ONLY
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  MGL AmpWorks Lead Master 50 Amp Head
(Item#515) MGL AmpWorks Lead Master 50 (MGL50). 50 watt master volume circuit amp that started off as a clone of my personal 2204 Marshall head that I’ve owned for the last 23 years. I’ve had many of these amps thru my store and this one is the best I’ve heard. Many of the ’79 – ’83 2204 amps have a lower voltage mains transformer and most agree that these were the best sounding JMP and early JCM800 50w heads. The basic circuit and voltages of the MGL50 are based on my 2204, but it has evolved into a more versatile amp including some very useful features & options listed. GAIN STRUCTURE: The mini switch on the front panel next to the preamp knob allows you to switch between 2 different gain structures. In the down position you get the stock 2204 value for classic rock Marshall crunch. In the up position you get more gain that will easily cover most ‘80’s heavier rock and produces a very smooth and singing lead tone. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: The "Voicing" switch on the back panel allows you to choose between 2 different taps on the output transfomer for the negative feedback signal . The "Classic" position is a bit darker, smoother and softer and in the "Modern" position it gets a little tighter, more aggressive and brighter with a bit more gain. EFFECTS LOOP: Uses the Metropoulos “Zero Loss” loop that incudes a “true bypass” switch. BUILD COMPONENTS: Locally made .090” aluminum chassis w/ welded and finish ground corners, gloss black powder coating and screened text with metallic gold ink, brass screws used in assembly. Period correct voltage mains transformer, Merren Audio hand wound paper bobbin 784-139 output transformer, Custom wound UK Dagnall power choke, ARS filter caps, PTP hand wired on in-house made turret boards, CTS pots, NOS Amphenol power tube sockets & Belton preamp tube sockets w/ gold anodized covers, 18 AWG mil spec Teflon insulated silver plated copper stranded wire, SoZo NexGen capacitors are used in all positions , 1 watt carbon film resistors, real UK Cliff jacks, Mullard reissue EL34 power tubes, NOS military grade Chinese 12AX7 preamp tubes, Swanson Cabinets 26” or 24” tolexed Baltic Birch head cab (tolex color choices at no extra charge) PRICING: BASE MODEL - $2,200.00 (comes w/ black knobs), KNURLED BRASS KNOBS - $40.00, NOS SIEMENS EL34 POWER TUBES - $75.00, HARDWOOD CAB (Figured Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut) - $300.00 CLICK HERE for YouTube sound clips
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  MGL AmpWorks MGL20 Amp Head
(Item#514) MGL AmpWorks MGL20 head. The basic circuit of the amp is much the same as the MGL50, which is based on the JMP 50w 2204 master volume head. But with a custom low voltage mains transformer and a pair of 6V6 power tubes. So a killer master volume Marshall tone that's about 22 watts. Like the MGL50, the lower voltage makes the amp very smooth and sweet but still has plenty of Marshall like attitude! The main focus for the amp was that it had to sound great at low "at home" volumes, but also would do fine at lower volume band gigs and rehearsals. And it does all of that and then some!! Amp is available in 3 head cab sizes, 26"(standard 50 small box), 24" and a small 20" to fit on top of the smaller 1-12" speaker cabs without hanging over the sides. In the pictures posted, the first head is in a 20" cab, 2nd head is a Burgundy 24" and the rest are 26". There is also matching 24" 1-12" speaker cab now available. Just like the MGL50, this amp is all point to point hand wired and built by Guy Harvey. As with the MGL50, all high quality parts are used. The first .022uf cap in the circuit is an NOS Mullard Mustard cap, all others are SoZo tone caps, CTS pots, custom USA made transfomers, in-house made turret boards, mil spec teflon wire, NOS Chinese Military grade 12AX7 preamp tubes & choice of TAD or JJ 6V6 power tubes, .090" aluminum chassis w/ welded & ground corners, black powder coat and screened with metallic gold ink. The amp in either size head cab is $1,650.00 with the Metropoulos "Zero Loss" effects loop as an option for $180.00. Custom tolex colors are also available depending on what Swanson has in stock. Email or call for more info. MP3 SOUND CLIPS AVAILABLE ON MY YOUTUBE PAGE. MGL20 CLIPS
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  MGL AmpWorks Style One 1-12" Speaker Cab
(Item#386) MGL AmpWorks 1-12" closed back 16 ohm speaker cab built by Swanson Cabinets, cab is built with 5/8" Baltic Birch plywood including baffle board, grill cloth is NOS real salt & pepper basketweave from England, Swanson has a limited amount of this that he is using on my cabs, cab is 24"W x 20"H x 11"D, speaker is purposely off center towards the bottom to cancel unwanted resonance, stock speaker is a Celestion G12C "Watch Tower" 25w Greenback, the G12C has less doping than the standard 25w reissue so it's a little warmer and sweeter, optional speaker for an extra $25.00 is a Celestion G12H30 Hellatone w/ 15 hours of break-in, the G12H30 is tighter and more focused with more solid bottom end, so a little more aggressive and modern. (MULTIPLE TOLEX COLOR OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE, JUST ASK)
$650.00 Add $25.00 for G12H30 Option
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  MGL AmpWorks Style One Small 2x12" Speaker Cab w/ Reissue 25w Celestion Greenback Speakers
(Item#341) MGL AmpWorks Style 1 small 2x12" closed back cab w/ reissue Celestion 25w G12C Greenback 12" speakers and Salt & Pepper basketweave grill cloth, built by Swanson Cabinets, cab has 8 ohm speakers and is wire for a 16 ohm load. Cabs are available in an assortment of tolex colors. Cab size is: 26" wide x 20" tall x 12" deep and is a perfect match for the MGL50 head.
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  Swanson Cabinets Small 2-12" Cab w/ Celestion 25w Greenback Reissue Speakers
(Item#474)(consignment) Swanson Cabinets Style 2 small diagonal 2-12" cabs with reissue Celestion 25w Greenback speakers, cab measures: 24"W - 20"H - 12"D, speakers are 8 ohm so the cab is wire to 16 ohm, tolex is a custom cream color that Swanson had made but looks a little too white in the pictures, Salt & Pepper basketweave grill cloth. I had 2 of these made for a good customer and he's just not using both of them, cab is still like new.
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  Vox 1964 AC30 W/ Added Top Boost
(Item#205)(consignment) 1964 Vox AC30 with added top boost from Plexi Palace, original amp that was retolexed by Swanson Cabinets, reissue Celestion Blue speakers, Grill cloth is original, also includes original footswitch, Great working condition and great sounding amp at a players grade price. Please call or email for more info.
$2,800.00 Bank Check or Wire ONLY
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