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Mark's Guitar Loft & Dave Johnson Restorations

Markís Guitar Loft is proud and excited to announce a new exclusive agreement with Dave Johnson Restorations in regards to Gibson Historic reissue guitars. After 7 years of friendship and working together on many special projects, Dave has decided to work with me exclusively on all future Historic reissue projects and will no longer offer this service to the public. Dave and I will be working very closely on picking the right guitars for these special projects and each one will be a one-off guitar with exclusive details. We will decide on color, aging and other details once Dave has the guitar in-hand and can give me his feedback. Once each guitar comes back to me, I will complete the final assembly and then fine tune the guitar tone wise. As in the past, Iíll try multiple sets of pickups to find the ďrightĒ set for that guitar. I donít care about the latest, greatest flavor of the month, Iím just listening for tone. When the guitar is completed it will then be offered for sale on my site. So, no wait time for the customer, just a finished product thatís available now. Just to be very clear, these will be guitars that I own and send to Dave. We are not offering to take on customer projects. Look for a few of the first guitars will be listed shortly!!